B&Q Woman Flipping Her House Advert Song – Change. Made Easier

B&Q Woman Flipping Her House TV Advert

UK’s leading home improvement and garden retailer B&Q has launched a new ad campaign, called “Change. Made Easier”, to forge an emotional connection in the home improvement category.

The spot features a woman who has just found out she’s pregnant and literally flips her house on its head, which is too small for an expanding family, to have one more suitable for them. As the house slides, things are chaotic inside, with books falling from their shelves, pots and pans falling from every cupboard, and the kitchen table sliding to the back wall, but she is calm and continues her mission to turn the house in a proper home for the entire family, using the brand’s own DIY app.

The song used in the ad is David Bowie’s iconic track “Sound and Vision”.

For the campaign film, Uncommon Creative Studios built a 24-ton, six-storey high rotating set, which has been flipped right over to demonstrate how easy it is to change things up, thanks to B&Q.

“At B&Q, we’re on a mission to ensure that improving a home and building a life with B&Q is easy and convenient – whether via our stores, our app or online at DIY.com. The Flip concept connected with us immediately- telling a story that is close to our hearts, a story of life, a story of change. It’s home at the speed of life,” Chris Graham, B&Q director of marketing, said in a press statement.

B&Q has A network of over 300 stores where specialized staff give customers access to the Click & Collect service on 28,000 items and home delivery service on 35,000. Bathrooms and kitchens can be designed, financed, and installed via local stores.

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