Out-of-Apartment Experience Commercial – Feat. Jeff Goldblum & Parents of Triplets Out-of-Apartment Experience Commercial Actors has released a series of new ads starring Jeff Goldblum as Bradd Bellflower, inventor of Apartminternet.

In one of them, he shows up in a couple’s apartment that suddenly shrinks when they realize they are going to have triplets. Bellflower explains that they are having an “out-of-apartment experience” because those cramp confines aren’t going to fit their rapidly expanding family. However, he also comes up with a solution: The eccentric maverick tells the soon-to-be parents that the rental website, which has more rental listings than other portals, can help them trade their current place with a new one, that’s a better fit.

The end of the commercial sees Bellflower giving the couple baby name ideas while they are standing near baby cribs and then saying the tagline “ – the most popular place to find a place” while holding a baby in his arms.

Goldblum teamed up with the rental website back in 2015 and has since starred in numerous commercials as the eccentric Silicon Valley maverick Bradd Bellflower.

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