Intel Commercial 2016 – The Butterfly Dress

Intel Commercial - The Butterfly Dress

Intel Commercial – The Butterfly Dress

Title – The Butterfly Dress
Msg – Intel – Experience what’s inside


Istanbul, Turkey
Ezra is a dreamer.
Tuba is a very, very disciplined person.
We love working together.
We are sisters and the best friends at the same time.

Intel presents
Designing a Movement
Ezra & Tuba

When we design we do everything together.
We sit at the same desk across from each other, and we both design pieces for each collection.
It is hard to explain. It’s not telepathy, but something similar between us.
We complete each other.
We love to play with fabrics, design, colors, movement and aesthetics.
The butterfly dress is an intelligent dress, with the Intel Edison chip incorporated into the design.
We have lots of hopes for the future of fashion, because with Intel there are more and more amazing things to come.
Intel – Experience what’s inside

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