Foot Locker Air Jordan Space Jam 11 Commercial – Defy The Monstars – Blake Griffin

Foot Locker Commercial - Bugs Bunny

Foot Locker Commercial – Bugs Bunny

Foot Locker introduces Blake Griffin in its latest commercial, promoting the Jordan Space Jam 11.

The 90-second spot features a group of kids who receive unexpected help from Bugs Bunny to beat the Monstars, that took their court. The cartoon character provides the crew with everything they need to take on the superteam from 1996’s “Space Jam”: proper gear and the Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. “Who’d you expect? Elmer Fudd?”, he asks before heading off to the Monstars place.

The spot ends with the Chicago Bulls player Jimmy Butler spray-painting “Defy” on a wall with posters with the villains. “I hate Monstars” – says Butler and skates away.

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