Converse Devin Booker Chuck 70 Commercial – Feat. Devin Booker & Kid At Gas Station

Converse Devin Booker Chuck 70 Commercial - Feat. Devin Booker At Gas Station

Converse and Devin Booker promote the Devin Booker Chuck 70 in a new commercial, titled “Create Next” and directed by the all-female creative collective Directed By a Girl.

Inspired by Devin’s Mexican American heritage, the Phoenix desert, classic cars and his timeless style, Latina director Jaimie Sanchez tells the story of the next icon by showing the Phoenix Suns shooting guard meeting a special kid at a gas station in the desert. A girl wearing the classic Converse sneakers, who’s hanging out in front of the gas station, looks at him and at his Chuck 70 and then, without saying a word but confident that she will make it, throws a paper ball into the garbage tin and manages to score. Her joyful reaction brings a large smile on Booker’s face.

“Create Next” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, as Booker hits the road again, at the wheel of his convertible, in the company of his girlfriend.

The Devin Booker Chuck 70, featuring a unique undyed canvas, minimalist details including clean tape, canvas toe, egret outsole, and a custom Arizona-inspired license plate heel logo, is available for purchase for $95.

“Clean, classic, and timeless. The Chuck 70 is part of my uniform, I put all that together into the design,” the NBA All-Star said.

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