GEICO Rebel Renee Biker Commercial

GEICO Rebel Renee Woman Biker Commercial

GEICO promotes its motorcycle insurance in a new commercial, based on the idea that every motorcyclist has an alter ego and that, maybe when you get on the bike, you become someone else.

The spot features Renee, a bank manager and mom of year who becomes “Rebel Renee” when she gets on her bike.

According to the voiceover, Rebel Renee is the most outspoken member of her book club even though she hasn’t read the book, she allegedly used her phone at trivia night and she isn’t above greasing some palms at the carnival to get the teddy bear she wants. The narrator also mentions that Rebel Renee rides with GEICO because savings and great service are two things she would never go against.

The commercial, which stars Camille Chen as Rebel Renee, Pam Murphy and Christopher Gartin as Book Club members, Emily Berry and Robert Michael Lee as Trivia Team members, and Scott Kruse as carnival worker, ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “GEICO. Savings and service for both your sides”.

GEICO has released several ads for its motorcycle insurance. One of them shows a parking booth monitor who loses track of time as he day dreams about riding his bike and singing “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations, another one features a worker who was supposed to line a baseball field but started daydreaming that he was riding a motorcycle (and singing “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations) and did quite a mess on the field. Other ads feature a man at his baby gender reveal party who imagines he’s riding the motorcycle and singing The Troggs’ single “Wild Thing”, a father daydreaming about riding his motorcycle and singing Whitesnake’s 1982 power ballad Here I Go Again while at his son’s birthday party, and a groom daydreaming about riding his motorcycle while saying his wedding wows.

GEICO says it offers “cheap insurance rates and great coverage” regardless of the two-wheel vehicle you have, be it a sport bike, moped, cruiser, touring bike, standard, or antique.

GEICO Biker Rebel Renee TV Commercial


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