Mango Heat the Town Summer Commercial / Advert Song

Mango Heat the Town Summer Commercial Girl

Mango has unveiled the film for its Summer 2023 campaign, titled “Heat the Town”.

The spot includes footage of various individuals on a summer day in the city, wearing light pieces of clothing to keep cool in the hot weather, including dresses and jumpsuits, skirts, and tops, paired with different accessories.

Among the models starring in the film there also is Raquel Zimmermann, who posed in front of photographer Angelo Pennetta for the print campaign wearing a floral chiffon blouse and a matching skirt, accessorized with oval sunglasses, a flower chiffon dress and heel strips sandals, a tropical bikini top, and low-rise loose-fit wideleg jeans.

The collection also features a floral asymmetric chiffon top, low-rise loose-fit wideleg jeans, a crystal shoulder bag, a knit openwork sweater, a Flower chiffon shirt, a Pleated chiffon miniskirt, a rhinestone bikini top, rhinestone Brazilian bikini bottoms, and more.

The song used in the ad is “Carmensita” by Devendra Banhart.

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