Suzuki Swift Range Advert Song – Feat. Woman with Dog in Passenger’s Seat


Suzuki Swift TV Advert

Suzuki showcases the Suzuki Swift Range in a new advert.

The 60-second spot features a young woman at the steering wheel of a Suzuki Attitude entering a parking lot called “Helter Skelter” (a reference to the Beatles song about an amusement park ride), that lits up when she inserts the coin. Another woman, driving a white Suzuki Swift Sport, in the company of her boyfriend and her dog, who’s on the front passenger’s seat, is also featured as she follows the Suzuki Attitude through the same parking lot.

The advert, set to the tune of “Move Your Body” by Xpansions 95, ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “Swift Range by Suzuki. Enjoy the Ride”.

The Suzuki Swift range also includes SZ-T model (starting from £14,499), the SZ5 mode (starting from £15,999), with Hybrid available, SZ-T (starting from £14,499), and SZ3 (starting from £12,499). The automotive company now has a 0% APR and No Deposit offer across the Swift range excluding Swift Sport.

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