Age Of Beard Shaquille O’Neal Commercial

Age Of Beard - Shaquille O'Neal

Age Of Beard – Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal promotes the, an online store created with Wix.
The retired American professional basketball player stars in a 90-second commercial, offered by wix as a prize, and explains his beard mojo.

“Nice beard, Shaq. What do you use on it?”, asks him a make-up artist before starting doing her work.
“Age of Beard. All-natural organic products”, answers O’Neal, saying that his mojo always came from his beard and starting to tell the story about how things were different before he could grow a beard. He recalls moments in school when he wasn’t picked in the basketball team by his class mates, when kids didn’t give him sweets arguing they “don’t have enough”, and when he has received the role of the tree number three in the Romeo and Juliet school play.

“Wow”, says the make-up artist after hearing the whole story.
“But now, with Age of Beard, I got my mojo going strong”, adds O’Neil, spinning in his chair.
“Beard mojo! Beard mojo! Beard mojo!”, says the legend, suddenly stopping when the girl turns the electric shaver on.

The spot ends with O’Neil saying “Don’t be like young Shaq. Get your mojo at

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