GMC Hammer EV LeBron James Crabs Commercial Song

GMC Hammer EV LeBron James Crabs Commercial

GMC has released a new commercial starring LeBron James to promote its GMC Hammer EV Edition 1 Pickup and its “Crab Walk” feature.

The spot shows a group of crabs passing through a seaside town and getting everyone’s attention with their walk. As people and dogs stop to take a look at them, the crabs continue their journey using a sort of map. When the commercial ends, it turns out they were following some directions to get to LeBron James’ GMC Hammer Edition 1 EV, which is apparently “the king of crabwalk”. The NFL star, who is at the wheel of the EV, notices them on the car’s display, and activates the CrabWalk mode, making the crabs to move aside and praise their “king”.

The soundtrack music is Missy Elliott’s hit single Get Ur Freak On, from her third studio album, “Miss E… So Addictive”.

In a previous commercial released by the automaker, LeBron James is shown driving the Edition 1 of the GMC HUMMER EV pickup across the city at night and using the voice-command to play gametime playlist (thanks to Apple Carplay integration for iPhone). He is listening to the 2021 single “Kiss the Ring” by Voli Contra and then uses the Crabwalk mode in a parking lot, before going out of the car.

In 2020, the NFL star introduced the automaker’s revived and electrified Hummer at Super Bowl. The Hummer EV was revealed in full for the first time in 2021, during the NCAA Final Four basketball game. The Edition 1, which comes exclusively in a white exterior and a Lunar Horizon interior, has a starting price of $112,595.

LeBron James has starred in numerous ad campaigns for several other brands, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Kia, Upper Deck, Cadbury Schweppes/Bubblicious, and McDonalds.

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