Nikon Commercial 2016 – Likes

Nikon Commercial 2016

Nikon Commercial 2016

Nikon USA published a brand new commercial which is also a campaign that urges people to cherish the things they love.
The 1-minute ad, called “Show Your Love Some Love”, starts with a man and a woman in an elevator who stick a post-it with the writing “Like” on each other.
The man is followed on his way and we can see many other “Like” post-its fixed on their clothes, their pets (at a certain moment, a woman passes by with her poddle dog, that has dozens of likes), their cars.
The voice in the background says: “We live in a world of likes. After all, who doesn’t like the likes? Some people even love likes. Which raises the question: what about Loves?”
Loves are the things that make you… you. Deeply, uniquely. You. You love bluster, you love travel, you love your family.
And these things you love deserve better images than the things you just ….well, like.
In the meantime, the viewer can see images of a woman that is being photographed with a Nikon while she smiles happily, of another woman photographing her handmade objects, of a family playing with their dog on a beach that is also photographed with a Nikon.
Show Your Love Some Love.

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