All-Electric Chevy Silverado The Sopranos Commercial Song – Feat. Jamie-Lynn Sigler & Robert Iler

All-Electric Chevy Silverado Commercial

Chevrolet showcases First-Ever All-Electric Chevy Silverado in a commercial titled “New Generation”, which recreates the iconic opening of the HBO series “The Sopranos”.

The spot features the actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler (known for her role as Meadow Soprano on the show, which ran for six seasons between the late 1990s and mid-’00s) at the wheel of the electric pick-up truck, driving from New York to New Jersey and then parking up at an electric car charging point to meet Robert Iler, who plays AJ in the Sopranos series.

The commercial ends with the two fellow actors embracing, while the voiceover introduces the all-electric Chevy Silverado as “a whole new truck for a whole new generation”.

The soundtrack music is Woke Up This MorningĀ by British band Alabama 3 from their 1997 album “Exile on Coldharbour Lane”. The single, which is the opening theme music for The Sopranos, is available for purchase on Amazon.

The Chevy Silverado EV, which will be available in the Fall of 2023, will feature a GM-estimated range on a full charge of up to 400 miles, over 660 HP with Wide Open Watts, four-wheel steering, almost 11 ft. of storage space, and, in terms of connectivity and access, Ultifi, an intelligent software platform that keeps your vehicle functioning and personalized with over-the-air updates, downloadable apps and new features so your vehicle system is constantly keeping up with you.

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