There’s an Ocado Just For You Advert Song

Ocado Advert Actor

Online supermarket Ocado advertises its morning-to-midnight delivery service and great value everyday favourites in a new TV spot, highlighting that, whoever you are and whatever you like, there’s an Ocado just for you.

Created by St Luke’s and narrated by author and podcaster Giovanna Fletcher, the advert follows an Ocado driver as he delivers a diverse range of products – from bread to fish to fresh vegetables to ice-cream and more – to different locations and households. On his journey, his transportation means transform into the corresponding delivery vehicle, such as a Morris Minor bread van, a small fishing boat, an Italian artisanal deli three-wheeler, a farmer’s tractor, an ice-cream van which extends to reach a second-floor apartment, where triplets are waiting to have their favorite ice cream, and a train of frozen food cabinets pulled by a Skidoo through a snowy street.

The soundtrack is an original song written by St. Luke’s creatives Alan Young and Matt Harvey, whose melody was composed by Native. The lyrics are the following:

“Do you start your day with breakfast in bed?
Or are you up and at ’em with a Danish instead?
Want focaccia coming ‘atcha or just white sliced bread
There’s an Ocado just for you
When your Friday needs the freshest fish
Seabream ‘n salmon if you catch my drift.
Want a classic pie with an unusual twist?
There’s an Ocado just for you
Do you cook carbonara in a Tuscan style
Love penne done al dente but you’re versatile
Or like things kept-in-keeping with y’veggie lifestyle
There’s an Ocado just for you
There’s an Ocado just for you
Just for you
Just for you”

The spot ends with an updated tagline – “There’s an Ocado Just For You’ – which replaces “The online supermarket”.

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