Cineplex Commercial Song – A Balloon for Ben

Cineplex Commercial - A Balloon for Ben

Cineplex Commercial – A Balloon for Ben

Cineplex invites you to make time for what you love in its Christmas commercial, featuring a magical world, where balloon are filled with the light of film and popping them releases the beautiful movies within.

The animated video, titled “A Balloon for Ben”, stars Ben, a young boy, and his dad, who get such a balloon from the store, but they don’t get the chance to pop it because the latter must go to work, to remove the snow from the roads. Upon his return, the man finds his son sleeping on the couch, with the balloon still in his hand. Unfortunately, him working until late in the evening is a regular thing, and Ben feels lonely.
One evening, he finds by chance under Ben’s bed a box containing the balloons they had filled with light which they didn’t pop, and realizes how much he missed. Thus, he decides to make him a surprise the next morning by bringing a huge balloon.

The video ends with the two watching together the film within the enormous balloon and with the onscreen line “Make time for what you love”.

The song playing in the background is “Everywhere” by VaporRMW feat. Em Patrick.

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