Shop Everything for Spring Advert Song – Feat. Boy Wearing Spider Man Costume

Very Advert Actress - Shop Everything for Spring, an online store offering a huge range of fashion from celebrity ranges to high street brands, has released its Spring TV ad, highlighting that you can shop everything for spring, for every occasion.

The spot opens with a mother saying that, now it’s spring, family occasions come thick and fast, but getting ready is never easy. She is then shown struggling to get her kids ready for an event. And this is because the older one, a teenage girl, “really doesn’t want to go”, and the younger, a Spider-Man-obsessed boy, doesn’t want to take off his favorite costume, so she must convince him to put on his shirt over the colorful outfit (which is not suitable for the family event they’re about to attend).

When she finally has them ready and she also finds the car keys, the family goes to the home party they were invited to, but it soon turns out the little boy didn’t take off the Spider-Man costume, which he immediately shows off to all the other party guests.

“Shop everything for spring,” the voiceover says at the end of the spot, highlighting that shoppers have a choice of ways to pay with Very Pay.

The song used in the advert is the 1989 single “Ride on Time”, by the Italian dance group Black Box, from their debut album, “Dreamland”.

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