Cadillac XT5 Commercial – Rear Camera Mirror

Cadillac XT5 Commercial

Cadillac XT5 Commercial

Cadillac has launched a new ad campaign consisting in a series of “Short Journeys” directed by visionary Sam De Jong, to promote some of its cars, namely the CTS-V and CT6 Sedans, Escalade SUV, and XT5 Crossover.

The spot dedicated to XT5, titled “A Mirror to the Heart”, features a young couple on their way to his parents. Actually, the two lovers, Jason and Rose, are about to meet: he’s waiting for her in the car, a Cadillac XT5, and she’s walking on the street towards him. Meanwhile, they’re having a phone conversation which risks to degenerate into a fight as he reproaches to her they’re late, highlighting he’s been waiting for her for 30 minutes, and she gives ironic counterattacks.

While Rose stops to buy some flowers for Jason’s mother, Jason uses the Rear Camera Mirror to watch a young couple making a scene on the street. Actually the girl is the one making a scene by throwing at her lover the bunch of flowers received from him. The latter, very defensive, takes the hits and then picks the bunch up from the ground and goes after her. Looking at them from his Cadillac, Jason amuses himself thinking about the things the beaten guy says to his angry girlfriend.

“Can we go, please? To dinner? I’m sorry, babe”.
His moment of entertainment ends when Rose shows up and knocks in the window with a bunch of roses. After getting in the car and smelling them for a second, she hands the flowers to Jason, saying she’s sorry for being late.
“Baby, you’re amazing”, says Jason.
“Well, I love you”, answers Rose looking into his eyes.
“I love you more”, says Jason again.
As the two lovers get closer to kiss each other, all the lights from the dashboard start shining.

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