Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra Flying Skateboard Robot Commercial

Samsung Galaxy Book3 Ultra Flying Skateboard Commercial

Samsung has released the official launch film for its Galaxy Book3 Ultra, describing it as “the ultimate laptop with all the power and speed you deserve”.

The spot follows a young man who, after taking photos of various items, sees them brought to life through his Galaxy Book3 Ultra. The image of a globe that he’s trying to edit gets bigger and bigger until a real globe comes out of his laptop, a skateboard that he’s drawing on his laptop, inspired by a skater passing by, comes out of the laptop, and a toy robot that he sees in a girl’s hands becomes a real, huge robot, that he gets to drive.

“The new way to PC” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

Launched earlier this year, on February 24, Samsung’s first-ever Galaxy Book Ultra offers a slim profile and high performance. It runs on a Windows 11 Home operating system with a choice of an Intel Core i7 or Intel Core i9 processor and features a 16-inch 3K AMOLED screen with a super-wide 16:10 aspect ratio. It is the only model to include a NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card, making it the best Samsung Galaxy Book option for gaming.

Galaxy Book3 Ultra starts at $2,399.99, available in a 16-inch size in graphite. It is available in 512 GB or 1 TB storage options.

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