Eos Flavor Lab Lip Balms Commercial

Eos Flavor Lab Lip Balms Commercial Girl

eos invites you to step into the eos flavor lab in its latest commercial, devoted to the new range of lip-balms, consisting of crazy delicious six first–of–their–kind flavors.

“Welcome to eosflavorlab, where juicy delicious flavors get a little crazy and one tiny balm can turn your whole world into magic hour,” says the voiceover on the 15-second spot, which features a young blonde woman in a lab, mixing different plants and fruits to create eos lip balms.

The available flavors include Watermelon Frosé, with notes of “juicy, fresh off the vine watermelon mixed with the cool rush of icy, happy hour frosé and a dash of kaffir lime zest,” Lychee Martini, with notes of “distinctly sweet and tangy lychee martini, and the tartness of late-summer raspberries and a juicy, splash of passion fruit nectar,” Lavender Latte, with notes of “French vanilla balanced with fresh-ground espresso, sweet cream, and a sprinkle of hand-picked lavender,” Eucalyptus Spearmint, with notes of “reviving Australian eucalyptus and energizing spearmint with green hints of Indonesian oolong tea,” Lavender Latte and Sweet Grapefruit, with notes of “French vanilla with fresh-ground espresso, sweet cream and a sprinkle of hand-picked lavender” and “bright pink pomelo, with crisp heirloom pear and a hint of English rose”.

The products are available for purchase at Target for $4.99 and $5.99, respectively.

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