Capital One Commercial 2016 – Nicknames

Capital One Commercial - Nicknames

Capital One Commercial – Nicknames

Title: Capital One Road to the Final Four – Nicknames

HP: “Charles would like a new nickname other than Sir Charles, but Sam and Spike’s suggestions aren’t exactly what he had in mind”.

Msg: Capital One – What’s in your wallet?

Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Charles Barkley & Spike Lee.


I think I want a new nickname.
And what’s wrong with “Sir Charles”?
I don’t know, but I need something fresh.
What about, Slam-Chunk?
Alley – Whoops?
Or March Sadness?
Full Court Mess?
Number 34 with Fries?
Oh, the Round Mound of Sit Around!
You know what, I’m good.
Well, what you want to call yourself Chuck?
What about Chuck-a-licious?
keep your eyes on the road, man.

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