GoEuro Advert Song – Santa Claus

GoEuro TV Advert - Santa Claus

GoEuro TV Advert – Santa Claus

GoEuro has released a new advert, promoting their website, which is a travel metasearch engine allowing users to compare the price and journey time of air, rail and bus travel options in a single search.

The 60-second spot, titled “You can’t always travel by reindeer”, features Santa in disguise, looking like an aged yet very active man with long white hair, who takes his small troller with colorful stickers on it (one of them with “goeuro”) and travels by himself across several countries.

Throughout his journey he uses buses, planes, trains, after accessing goeuro for useful information, and finds almost every time a pleasant companion to talk to. He keeps his list of good kids up to date and, as the ad continues, we get to see that those who prove to be rude get dropped.

Arrived at the destination, besides taking selfies and photos with other tourists, he enjoys every single moment of his stay regardless of where he is.

The advert ends with Santa back home, sitting on an armchair, near the Christmas tree, with the tablet in his hands, looking on goeuro for transport means, because, as the title says, he can’t always travel by reindeer.

The spot, starring actor Terry Edwards as Santa, features an original song, written specially for the video, which conveys that “life is an open road” and invites you to “take the long way home”.

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