Domino’s Pizza Drive-Thru Commercial – Domino’s App on Apple CarPlay

Domino's Pizza Drive-Thru Commercial - Domino's App on Apple CarPlay

Domino’s Pizza urges consumers to say goodbye to long drive-thru lines with Domino’s on CarPlay in its latest commercial.

The spot, titled “Stop Waiting. Start Ordering”, features a long line at a drive-thru and a family who decides to use the DOmino’s app, now available on Apple CarPlay, to order pizza on the go.

“Stop waiting in line at drive-thrus just to place an order. Use the Domino’s app on Apple CarPlay instead. And say goodbye to the drive-thru with every tap,” the voiceover says in the 30-second ad, encouraging viewers to order carryout on the go using the Domino’s app, now available on Apple CarPlay.

Consumers can order their favorite Domino’s pizza on a variety of devices, including Google Home, Alexa, Slack, Smartwatch, as well as on messenger and through a text or voice message.

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