Citroen C1 Blonde Woman Advert Song

Blonde Woman in Citroen C1 Advert

Citroen UK showcases the Citroen C1’s 7″ touchscreen interface in a hilarious 20-second advert.

The spot, urging you to stay connected with the Citroen C1’s 7 inch touchscreen interface, with key controls at your fingertips, starts with a young blonde woman in her Citroen C1, who gets a reminder on the touchscreen that she has a fancy dress party at 8pm to attend. As she starts putting on red lipstick, the filming angle changes, and we get to see a young man in another car, stopping at the traffic light and looking in her direction, eager to flirt with her, imagining, probably, that she is gorgeous. When she turns her head, though, the look on his face changes dramatically as she’s like a zombie now because of the heavy makeup.

The ad, featuring the song “How Much (You Want Her)” by French Electropop band Isaac Delusion, ends with the
voiceover saying “Citroen C1 – For City Lovers. Available with 7″ touchscreen and 3 or 5 doors”.

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