Best Buy Sonos Multiroom Commercial Song

Best Buy Sonos Commercial

Best Buy Sonos Commercial

Best Buy promotes, in one of its latest commercials, the wireless home sound system Sonos, which enables users to enjoy high-quality audio in every room of their home.

“Dad loves his jazz, mom’s more into Mozart, sis and her friends, who knows what they’re listening to this week”, says a young man in the 30-second spot, featuring him and his family at home, each of them in a separate room, listening to their favorite music. “The cool thing: they can all play whatever music they want, in different rooms, at the same time.”, adds the guy, referring to the advantages of Sonor. However, this happens until he “takes over” and “forces” everyone to listen to the same track: “Girl Tell Me Something” by THE BL∆CK HE∆RTS CLUB.

Sonos plays whatever you love to listen to, from the most popular streaming services, to your favorite podcasts,
audiobooks, on-demand Internet radio and many more, via WiFi. You can put the speaker wherever you want, plug it in, and then simply tap the app, which helps you track down what you want to listen, send it to different rooms and make various settings, from adjusting the volume, to set alarms for different speakers.

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