HP Envy x360 Laptop Commercial – Mother Using Built-in Privacy Screen

HP Envy Laptop Commercial Actress

HP advertises its Envy x360 laptop as “the only laptop with a built-in privacy screen” in a new commercial, highlighting that it allows you to decide what to share and when.

The 30-second spot features a woman in a meeting room, having a videocall with her husband and son. As her colleagues join her, taking their seats near her, she has the intention – for a moment – to end the call with her kid, but after a second thought, she decides to use the built-in privacy screen and keep talking with the boy for a little while, before the meeting begins. Thus, even though someone is sneaking a peek at her screen, they can’t actually see anything.

The ad, scored by a catchy tune, ends with the brand’s tagline, “keep reinventing”.

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