ITV Series 2016 – Midsomer Murders – Trailer Song

ITV Series 2016 - Midsomer Murders

ITV Series 2016 – Midsomer Murders

About – Midsomer Murders is a British television detective drama based on Caroline Graham’s Chief Inspector Barnaby book series, as originally adapted by Anthony Horowitz.

Trailer Song: The Good, the Bad & the Queen


Moving uptown
But I know it’s the place I should be
The streets are all quiet
And no one saying nothing at all

Then the sun came out of he clouds
And charged up the satellites
We all got our energy back and started talking again

It’s the blessed routine
For The Good, The Bad and The Queen
Just moving out of dreams with no physical wounds at all

Don’t kick the crack heads of the green
They are a political party
And the kids are never going to be tired
Cos everything has ever so slightly come
Everything is so slightly come

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