Samsung Australia Olympic Games Commercial 2016 – The Anthem

Samsung Australia Olympic Games Commercial 2016 - The Anthem

Samsung Australia Olympic Games Commercial 2016 – The Anthem

Samsung Australia has released a new commercial to celebrate the nations gathering for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and its status of proud sponsor of the event.

The video released by the telecommunications company, titled “The Anthem”, starts with the message “One world, one anthem” and features persons of all ages singing “The Anthem”, inspired by lyrics from anthems around the world, such as Botswana, Australia, Canada, France, USA, Brazil, Malaysia, Malawi, UK, New Zealand, Germany, South Korea, Tunisia, South Africa.
Samsung Galaxy S7 is showcased several times throughout the footage, as the device used for filming the moment people sing the anthem.
The video ends with the same young girl from the beginning, watching the sea standing on rocks with a Samsung in her hands, and the final onscreen line “proud sponsor of a world without barriers”.
“As a demonstration of global unity, no event is more powerful than the Olympic Games. It is a chance for each of us to embrace our shared humanity and the progress that comes when the world comes together”.
The lyrics of “The Anthem” are the following:

Through our unity and harmony
We’ll remain at peace as one
For we are young and free
With glowing hearts we see thee rise
The day of glory has arrived
Oh, say, can you see?
A vivid ray of love and hope descends to Earth
The people living united and progressive
Join together our hearts as one
Happy and glorious
Listen to us gently with the infinite love
Unity and justice and freedom
Stand unchanged by wind or frost
Offer peace to friends
And united we shall stand

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