Airbnb Commercial Song – Live There

Airbnb Commercial

Airbnb Commercial

Airbnb has released a new commercial, highlighting that, when you stay in an Airbnb, you get to feel like you live there, wherever you go.

“Don’t go to Paris! Don’t go to LA! Don’t go to Tokyo! Live there!” says the voiceover in the 30-second spot, featuring tourist in the mentioned cities. “When you Airbnb, you have your own home, read a book, cook, you know… the stuff you normally do.”, adds the voiceover while on screen viewers can see a man fallen asleep with a book in his hands, a man making pancakes, another man riding a bike in a quiet neighborhood, at night, another one riding a camel, and another one entering a jacuzzi full of Asian men.

“Wherever you go, don’t go there. Live there! Even if it’s just for a night.” – advises you the voiceover at the end of the spot.

The song playing in the background, at the end of the spot, is “Viens” by French singer Gilbert Bécaud, as the last image shown is a view of Eiffel Tower from Paris.

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