Listerine Go! Tabs Advert – Woman Eating Tuna Sandwich

Listerine Go! Tabs Commercial Girl

Listerine runs a series of new ads in the UK, promoting its Go! TABS.

One of the spots features Sophie, a young woman having a tuna sandwich for breakfast at the office, who is informed that her meeting got pushed up and now she needs to get rid of bad breath fast. Luckily, she has Listerine Go! Tabs on her desk, which makes it easy for her to achieve her goal. In just 30 seconds, after popping in a chewable tab, swishing and swallowing the liquid resulting from the tab, she manages to have a fresh breath, on her way to the meeting room.

“Unleash a clean and fresh feeling anytime, anywhere,” the voiceover says at the end of the advert, adding the tagline “New Listerine Go! Tabs”.

Listerine Go! Tabs are “rectangular-shaped, bilayer-compressed” tablets, that once chewed, transform from solid to liquid and create “just enough liquid for you to swish around your mouth to get a whole-mouth clean feeling,” according to the brand, which also describes its new product as “a new way to clean your mouth and get fresh breath on the go”.

There are three easy steps to be followed for fresh breath with these tabs: chew for 10 seconds to activate the tablet, swish for 30 seconds for whole mouth clean and fresh feeling, then swallow the tablet and go.

These alcohol-free were designed to be swallowed and get to those hard-to-reach places, like the back of your tongue where millions of bad breath germs live. In case you’re wondering how long they last, they have been scientifically proven to freshen breath up to 4 hours.

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