Michelob ULTRA Guy in Lakers Locker Room Commercial Song

Michelob ULTRA Commercial - Guy in Lakers Locker Room

Michelob has released a new ad for its Michelob ULTRA beer.

The spot is set in a Lakers locker room and features a worker of Indian origins who’s turning the place into a party room with several ice cold Michelob Ultra. As he does his job, he proves a strong attention to details, all while dancing from time to time to the rhythms of Smoker Sugar’s 2012 single “I’m A Winner,” which plays in the background.

“It’s only worth it if you enjoy it,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the 60-second ad, which also sees the lines “It’s Lake Show Time. 2020 NBA Champions” flashing across the screen.

Earlier this year, the brand enlisted global superstar Maluma to star in its first commercial for the Big Game, which presented the Michelob ULTRA as “a superior light beer that goes with our rhythm”.

In the past, Michelob has also worked with Chris Pratt and Olympic bronze medalist Kerri Walsh Jenning, who promoted the Michelob ULTRA Infusions Lime & Prickly Pear Cactus, and ZoĆ« Kravitz, who promoted the ULTRA Pure Gold, a USDA Certified Organic Light Lager with 2.5 carbs and 85 calories, in the brand’s second commercial for this year’s Super Bowl.

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