Transitions Guy on Motorcycle DJ at Party Commercial Song

Transitions Commercial Biker

Transitions Optical advertises its Light Intelligent Lenses in a new commercial, introducing Reed, an architect described as “fanatical about his motorcycle, who really lives for the moments with his friends after work”.

The ad, part of the brand’s “Light Under Control” campaign, features the young man throughout his day and the way his lenses transition to fit his environment. In the garage, where he’s checking his motorcycle, and when he’s in the office, the lenses adapt to the light, while he’s outside and the sun is shining, the lenses darken, creating the appearance of sunglasses.

The soundtrack music is the 2015 single “The Sun” by Parov Stelar featuring vocals from New Zealand singer-songwriter Graham Candy.

The “Light Under Control” campaign also includes spots featuring models Noah and Avery and Yoon, an artist and stylist living in New York, who likes to create beautiful moments and objects, loves her glasses, and doesn’t think you have to compromise style for convenience.

Transitions Optical is the leading provider of plastic photochromic (adaptive) lenses to optical manufacturers worldwide. Having been the first to successfully manufacture and commercialize plastic adaptive lenses in 1990, and as a result of its relentless investment in research and development and technology, Transitions Optical offers a wide variety of products, setting new standards of advanced performance to provide ever-increasing visual comfort and UV protection.

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