The AA Power to Electric Drivers Tukker the Dog Advert Song

The AA Power to Electric Drivers Tukker the Dog Advert

British car breakdown and insurance company The AA has brought back its four-legged mascot, Tukker the dog, to the screens, for a new TV ad.

The spot features the cute mascot on a sofa who, after hearing on the radio the news that the AA have more expert Patrols trained in electric vehicles than anyone else, jumps from the sofa, ready to hit the road. With pink sunglasses on, Tukker imagines himself riding a motorcycle through the city, at night, while in the background the 2016 song “Drinkee” by American house and EDM duo Sofi Tukker, from their “Soft Animals” album, plays.

“Power to electric drivers” an onscreen line reads at the end of the advert.

Tukker the dog has starred in several other ads for the car breakdown and insurance company. In 2020, its summer TV ad featured Tukker putting on some music on the record player, in his living room, and sitting in front of a fan on full power to experience again the feeling of wind blowing through his hair while he’s traveling down the road at speed.

Tukker is a 4-year-old crossbreed and, according to The AA, likes long walks, chewy toys and the wind in his fur and dislikes flat batteries.

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