IBM Work Commercial (Opera Song: Il Trovatore by Verdi)

IBM Commercial: Work

IBM celebrates, in a new commercial, the power of knowledge, of technology and the power of you, promoting, at the same time, the IBM Watson platform for businesses, “backed by the technology and people you need to do your life’s work”.

The soundtrack music is “Il Trovatore : Act II : Vedi! Le fosche notturne spoglie” by Giuseppe Verdi.

The company aims to highlight, thus, that IBM helps various businesses to do their best work. Bankers can combine
transactions with vast amounts of data to uncover patterns and create new products with IBM Cloud and IBM Systems, companies like Walmart are able to spot food issue faster thanks to IBM Blockchain, that ensures transparent supply chains, doctors can use medical data and data from each patient (which is equivalent to about 300 million books) to personalize care thanks to Watson and IBM Services, engineers can predict errors and keep things running smoothly thanks to IBM Cloud and Watson IoT, and more.

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