Stella Artois Idris Elba Summer Like You’re on Vacation Commercial

Stella Artois Idris Elba Commercial

Stella Artois has enlisted Idris Elba to highlight that vacation is just a state of mind and encourage people to “summer like they’re on vacation”.

The Hollywood actor stars in a new commercial for the beer brand, declaring that a vacation isn’t about where you are, but how you see things instead. “If vacation is the best part of summer, why wouldn’t we make home part of the summer? How you say? Easy! Vacation isn’t about where you are, but how you see things. Why wait for a week on French Riviera when I can enjoy the whole summer right here, on the Hudson Riviera? Or whatever you happen to be.

You just have to make home the place you want to write home about,” Elba says, while he gets from one place to another, illustrating the idea that you can enjoy the entire season without even leaving town, by playing golf on a rooftop, drinking a beer (Stella Artois, obviously) in his living room, attending a rooftop party, and more.

“Stella Artois – Summer Like You’re On Vacation,” he says in voiceover at the end of the commercial, grabbing a bottle of Stella Artois at a party.

Stella Artois has also teamed up, over time, with various other celebrities, including Matt Damon, who talked about the brand’s initiative of making a donation to for every bottle or pint of Stella Artois and Stella Artois Cidre sold, Jeff Bridges, Sarah Jessica Parker, and others.

Elba is no stranger to advertising campaigns at all. Earlier this year, he starred in Squarespace’s Super Bowl ad, singing along to a little girl’s rendition of “Que Sera Sera”. He has also been featured in ads for Sky Box Sets and in the Breast Cancer Campaign film for Stella McCartney.

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