GEICO Motorcycle Groom Just Married Commercial Song

GEICO Motorcycle Married Couple Commercial

A bride and groom use a motorcycle as their getaway car after their wedding in one of the latest GEICO ads.

The spot opens with a man riding a motorcycle and singing the iconic song “Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations until he is brought back to reality by his bride. It soon turns out he is the groom at the wedding and that he was actually daydreaming about riding the motorcycle along a highway. He and his new life partner are set to leave using a motorcycle as a getaway car and the bride is the one willing to drive.

She then tears off her faux-skirt and climbs onto the bike, which has a “Just Married” sign in tow, and drives away with the groom in the sidecar.

The commercial, which stars Kenny Cooper as the bride and Murray Gray as the bride, ends with the tagline “15 Minutes could save you 15 percent or more”.

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