bgo Advert Song 2017 – Can’t Beat Me

Verne Troyer - bgo TV Advert

Verne Troyer – bgo TV Advert has released a new advert featuring The Boss singing “You can’t beat me” to the tune of a Grammy award winning hit.

The 30-second spot shows actor Verne Troyer at his luxurious mansion, on a boat in his pool, surrounded by dozens of guests, at a party, then at the mountainside, next to two Siberian tigers, then next to a red Porsche and his bodyguard, on a plane, then again at his mansion, holding a golden microphone and singing a reworded version of MC Hammer’s 90’s hit “U Can’t Touch This”. “You can’t beat me”, “Thank you for blessing me with the chain” are only a few of the lyrics sung by The Boss.

The advert ends with Troyer saying “I’m The Boss at You can’t beat me”, while on the screen the line “Get 20 Free Spins at” appears.

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