Google Pixel 6 Real Tone Dark Skin Tones Lizzo Commercial / Advert Song

Google Pixel 6 Real Tone Dark Skin Tones Lizzo Commercial

Google has released a new commercial to introduce Real Tone, a feature available on Google Pixel 6.

The 60-second spot opens with an onscreen line informing that “Historically, camera technology hasn’t accurately represented darker skin tones” and continues with a montage of old pictures featuring individuals with dark complexions, who are heard expressing their frustrations regarding their photos.

The commercial introduces Real Tone on Google Pixel 6 and shows the capabilities of Google’s Pixel 6 by featuring pictures taken on it of several individuals throughout various key moments in life.

“Everyone deserves to be seen as they truly are,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is scored by Lizzo’s latest song, “If You Love Me,” whose lyrics include “And if you love, you love all of me or none of me at all.” Earlier this week, the singer promotes her new song in two nude Instagram posts.

Real Tone, described as “an inclusive camera that sees and highlights all people and the nuances of skin tones beautifully and authentically,” is part of Google’s commitment to making images more equitable for all and is the result of its partnership with a range of image experts.

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