Specsavers Boiler TV Advert 2017 – Plumber in France

Specsavers TV Advert 2017 - Boiler

Specsavers TV Advert 2017 – Boiler

Specsavers has released a new advert, featuring a French plumber who should have had his eyesight tested before going to fix people’s problems.

The 60-second spot, titled “Boiler”, features a plumber going to a wealthy landowner’s mansion in Provence, France, to fix a heating problem. After taking a look at the broken water heater, he says he needs to drain the boiler, so he gets down in the cellar and starts “working”. Unfortunately for the client, the plumber, instead of draining the boiler, drains a cask of wine. He throws away dozens of buckets of red wine from a barrel, until he leaves it completely empty, and then takes off, not before telling the property owner that “should be fine now”.

Immediately after the plumber’s departure, the man sees that the problem is not fixed, so he goes down in the cellar to check what happens. There, he almost has a heart attack acknowledging that his barrel of Grand Vin since 1921 has been emptied. Angry, he takes a bat, ready to chase the plumber.

The advert ends with the onscreen lines “Should’ve gone to Specsavers” and “Book your eye test online”.

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