Stella Artois Les Hautes Pockets Commercial

Stella Artois Commercial - Les Hautes Pockets

“Is your phone keeping you away from enjoying the moment?” Stella Artois addresses this issue by introducing “a haute way to put it away” – Les Haute Pockets, a new fashion collection designed to help you pocket your phone so you can enjoy the most fashionable week of the year (the New York Fashion Week), distraction-free.

The beer brand has released a spot showcasing some of the pieces included in this collection, which all come with pockets, so that wearers could put their phones away and enjoy the moment.

The video is the latest installment in the Belgian beer brand’s “Joie de Bière” campaign (aka “Joy of Beer”, playing off of the French phrase “joie de vivre,” which means joy of living), created by agency Mother and launched earlier this year, in April. Running across 19 markets, “Joie de Bière” marks the brand’s largest marketing effort ever.

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