John Smith’s Golden Ale Advert Song 2016 – Robbie Savage

John Smith's TV Advert - Robbie Savage

John Smith’s TV Advert – Robbie Savage

Title: John Smith’s Golden Ale

Robbie Savage stars in the new TV advert for John Smith’s Golden Ale.

HP: “Former footballer Robbie Savage sports a dazzling all-over golden spray tan as he opens the John Smith’s Golden Tanning Pub in London”.

Song: Tim McMorris – A Beautiful Life


One, two, three, four
Get my shoes and out the door
Five, I’m alive
Six, seven, eight, feeling great
Nine, gonna shine, life is good, I’m doing fine
Ten, gonna do it right and do it again

Ya, I look into the sky with all its’ beautiful colour
But there’s more than just for me, so gonna share it with another

I got
To show, to give, let out
I want
To sing and shout
Take a look and see a

Beautiful morning
That turns into a
Beautiful evening
And together make a
Beautiful life

And if you want to see
Then come along me
That’s right

And if you want a good tomorrow
It’s pretty simple, gotta find the light to follow
And if you do you’ll have a future real bright

It’s a combination of consistency
Come on and sing

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