Airbnb Camping Category Commercial Song Shelter from the Storm

Airbnb Camping Category Commercial Actors

Airbnb continues to promote its categories, available to filter on the website and in the mobile app, in a new commercial.

The spot, which focuses on the Camping category, includes photos taken by photographer Aysia Stieb during her trip to Zion National Park. According to Airbnb, she and her partner, Noah, were looking for a bigger backyard to explore for the weekend so they headed out west with their dog, Goa, where they glamped in a serene canvas tent at the edge of Zion National Park. Each night they watched the moon rise and fell asleep to the stillness of the desert, and it turned out this nature retreat was great for them.

The song used in the ad is “Shelter From the Storm” by Bob Dylan.

The “Made possible by Airbnb Categories” campaign showcases multiple other categories, including the “Skiing” category, the “Amazing Pools” category, the “Farms” category, the “OMG!” Category, the “Castle” category, and more. Airbnb invited photographers to take trips on Airbnb with their family and friends (choosing homes across a range of its new categories, from castles to homes with amazing pools, to the Arctic), shoot photos of their stays, and send them back to Airbnb. The photos have been edited by Airbnb together with familiar songs to capture the unique experience of traveling on Airbnb, made possible by these new categories.

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