Nationwide Commercial 2016 – Home Safety Promises

Nationwide Commercial - Home Safety Promises

Nationwide Commercial – Home Safety Promises

Title: Nationwide Make Safe Happen – Home Safety Promises

HP: “Home safety is a promise you can make to your kids. Nationwide and Make Safe Happen are committed to helping you keep that promise. Watch four parents promise a safe home to their kids”.


I can’t promise to keep your embarrassing videos off the internet.
I can’t promise you’ll like my practical jokes.
I can’t promise your loudest toys won’t go missing.
I can’t promise you’ll always like what I feed you.
But I can promise to make our home safe for you.
I can promise to keep the things that can make you sick up and away.
I can promise to make sure our furniture can’t tip over.
I can promise to be within arms reach when you’re in the pool.
I can promise we’ll practice a fire escape plan.
I can promise to protect you as best I can, because every yer accidents at home send millions of kids to the ER.
Download the Make Safe Happen app, and you’ll get safety tips for kids 12 and under, room-by-room checklists, and more.

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