British Airways Dear Britain TV Advert Opera Song

Female British Airways Pilot - TV Advert

British Airways has released a 60-second video to the nation, aiming to bring some optimism into their lives and ensure that the airline will do everything in their power to get Britain flying again.

The spot features engineers, dispatchers, call-centre staff and pilots on aircraft, in hangars, on the airport apron or at home, talking to the camera and delivering the following message: “Dear Britain, you are an incredible bunch. How you’re coping with these difficult times, with so many going the extra mile to look after us and all coming together by staying apart (while managing to keep your unique British sense of humour). You’re doing your bit and we’re trying to do our bit too, flying you home to your family and friends and keeping vital equipment and supplies moving to the people who need them most. Like you, our colleagues are doing all they can to support the NHS. But we miss you too. And while you can’t yet start flying, we know you’ll never stop dreaming of reuniting with your loved ones, of exploring new places, of creating new adventures and wonderful memories, dreaming of a day when you can look at the sky from a magical window. So, we will do everything in our power to get you – Britain – flying again. And when we do, we’ll do it with pride, in honour of you all. We love you, Britain”.

The airline’s chairman and CEO, Alex Cruz, also makes an appearance. He is filmed at BA’s Waterside headquarters near Heathrow, saying “Like you, our colleagues are doing all they can to support the NHS”.

The soundtrack is Delibes’ Flower Duet, the music that the airline has used for the last 30 years.

The airline, which has temporarily closed its operations at Gatwick, is currently operating at just 5 per cent of its normal level.

British Airways has introduced flexible changes for all bookings due to travel up to 31st May 2020 and advises people to visit the “Confidence” section on its website for more information about their options.

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