Hyundai IONIQ 5 New Dawn Advert – Feat. People Mispronouncing Hyundai

Hyundai IONIQ 5 New Dawn TV Advert

2023 marks the dawn of a new Hyundai in the UK so the automotive brand has taken this opportunity to break the mould and embrace a new chapter for its cars and the company, including changing the pronunciation of the brand in the UK to bring it in line with the global organisation and its Korean heritage. The result is a quite humorous advert, featuring potential car buyers who mispronounce “Hyundai” when trying to find the nearest showroom using voice search on their phones and end up in totally different places, such as High ‘N’ Dye Hair Salon, Highland Eye opticians, High End Pie, Hawaiian Tie shop, and more.

“If you think you know our cars and how to say our name, maybe it’s time to think again,” the voiceover says in the 30-second spot, which also features a IONIQ 5 driver who, after passing by a man who mispronounces “Hyundai” in front of Highland Eye shop, tells him the correct way to pronounce it.

Eventually, the voiceover adds the tagline “It’s the dawn of a new Hyundai”, which also appears on the screen.

“Hyundai is a young, innovative and progressive brand which has transformed with great speed. We are proudly Korean with real character and purpose.

With this campaign, we want to inject a little humour and personality to our brand which we hope will encourage more people to learn more about Hyundai,” Ashley Andrew, Hyundai Motor UK Managing Director, said in a press statement.

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