Frontdoor An App to Fix My Oven Commercial Song

Frontdoor An App to Fix My Oven Commercial Actor

Frontdoor, a new home repair and maintenance app, is promoted in a series of hilarious commercials, that pay homage to the 80’s music videos.

One of the spots features a man who, after having his oven issue diagnosed during a video call with a Frontdoor expert, starts singing a song about the app and what it offers, such as the video chat option, and expert advice, set to the rhythms of Shania Twain’s hit single “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”. Surrounded by several dancers, he’s also dancing on the table until he gets back to reality, concluding that Frontdoor is an app to fix his oven. The Frontdoor employee confirms.

At the end of the commercial, the voiceover introduces the Frontdoor app and urges viewers to download it. The app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, offers homeowners several other benefits, including maintenance reminders, exclusive discounts on appliances and systems, DIY tips, and more.

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