Allstate Allegorical Car Commercial Song

Allstate Allegorical Car Commercial - Curly Girl Actress

Allstate has released a new commercial to highlight that Allstate’s new lower auto rates are a reason to celebrate.

The spot opens with a woman driving to Allstate, while the voiceover says “welcome to Allstate, where we have all new lower auto rates”. After taking a look at her phone and seeing that she saved $718 for having switched to Allstate, her car turns into a football-themed colorful allegorical car. the voiceover also says that savings like that make you feel like you won the whole dang thing and adds the tagline “now, get new lower auto rates with Allstate because better protection costs a whole lot less”, while the woman is shown getting her head out of the car and waving to those around her, while several cheerleaders are dancing on the car.

The soundtrack music is the 1980 song “Fantastic Voyage” by Dayton, Ohio-based group, Lakeside, from their album of the same name.

The insurance company has released several other ads to promote its new lower auto rates, all set in a town called Allstate. one of them features a woman driving a pickup truck, where two lobsters are shown dancing to the rhythms of a catchy tune because she switched to Allstate and another one sees a woman’s car jumping rope with a bunch of kids.

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