Procter&Gamble Commercial 2016 – Raising An Olympian: Alex Morgan

Procter & Gamble Commercial 2016 - Alex Morgan

Procter & Gamble Commercial 2016 – Alex Morgan

Procter&Gamble has launched a new commercial inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, as part of their “Raising An Olympian” campaign.
P&G, that is “Proud Sponsor of Moms”, wants you to see, in the video dedicated to Alex Morgan, US Olympian Soccer Player, what it
took to raise her, and – besides that – to remind you that nobody achieved success without any setbacks.
The video features Alex Morgan in various stages of her childhood, teenage years and adulthood, while her mother’s voice is heard in the
background saying: “My philosophy of parenting is kind of like you’re bullying with bumper pants. You’ve got to let them fail and learn, but you’re always just kind of keeping them in the middle road. Alex started soccer right before her fifth birthday. From day one, she was always one of the best players on the field, so when Alex was about 13, we thought we got to get her on a club team and she tried out, they said “No, we’re not picking up Alex”. She began questioning herself “Am I really good? You know, my parents are my parents. Of course they’re going to support me”, but she decided she wasn’t going to give up and I said “You know what? You need to go and try another team and it was the right choice. They saw her potential and she just thought: “I want to do whatever it takes to be better, stronger, more focused”. It just set her out for her trajectory. And the rest is history”.
The track playing in the background has been composed especially for this video.
During the “Raising An Olympian” campaign, P&G has brought in front of the viewers also Allyson Felix, Lex Gillette, and Ashton Eaton.

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