Café Royal Commercial 2016 – Robbie Williams – France vs. Romania

Café Royal Commercial 2016 - Robbie Williams

Café Royal Commercial 2016 – Robbie Williams

Café Royal took advantage of the 2016 UEFA European Championship, debuted on Friday (June 10), and started an ad campaign with Robbie Williams as their face.
The famous British artist, who – “in the service of good taste” – has already filmed two ads, both of them released, seems to enjoy the brand’s coffee.
The first advert, titled “The Bet”, features the singer betting on the winner of the opening match, held between France and Romania.
Dressed in a black suit and wearing a bow tie, he talks to the camera, addressing France: “Bonjour la France. Tomorrow night at 9pm, at Le Stade de France, your brave l’equippe will be kicking off the Euro opener. It’s been longer waited. Now how will your boys do? Let me see. Romania, right?”. After asking this question, Williams takes a sip of coffee and makes the bet: “I’ll put three capsules on le bleu” (blue – symbol of France’s team) and pushes down with his finger a yellow capsule, representing Romania’s team.
Some of his Romanian fans did not hesitate to express their reactions on the singer’s Facebook page, many of them feeling offended by this ad.

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