Rightmove Advert Song: Dad With Four Daughters

Rightmove TV Advert - Dad

UK-based company Rightmove, that runs rightmove.co.uk, the UK’s largest online real estate portal and property website, advertises its services in a new ad, featuring a dad who is outnumbered.

The spot shows the man trying to find some time for himself and his passion – looking into a magazine at sports cars – but failing to do that because of his large family, that occupies the entire living room. His wife and his four daughters, including one set of twins, make him realize he won’t be able to have time for himself not even in the bathroom, so he decides it’s time to make the right move and use Rightmove to find a bigger house, where he can have his own little place.

“When life moves, make your rightmove,” an onscreen line reads at the end of the advert, which features the 1966 single “Hold On, I’m coming” by soul duo Sam & Dave.

Rightmove has been encouraging people, in its “Life Steps” ad campaign, to find a new home when life moves on.

One of the adverts, created by agency Fold7 and titled “Bachelors”, featured John and Sam, two guys who’ve been best friends since forever, living together and spending their time playing video games, until John decides to have his girlfriend, Gemma, move in. Another spot, that marked Fold7’s first work for Rightmove, featured an old man walking up the stairs in his house over again, each time carrying something different for his wife who, after asking him to give her a hand, tells him she no longer needs his help.

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