Vauxhall Mokka Electric TV Advert – Feat. Woman Driving Mokka in City with Human Pigeons

Vauxhall Mokka Electric Pigeons Advert

Vauxhall showcases its Mokka Electric in a new advert.

The spot, part of the automaker’s “Unbox Yourself” campaign, features a woman driving her all-electric Mokka-e through a city where people are depicted as human pigeons, who follow the crowd or are scared to take a different path. The awar-winning car, which has a “bold design, innovative technology,” and is “impossible to pigeonhole,” gets everyone’s attention.

The soundtrack is a song whose lyrics include “hey, I am not like them or the others. Don’t back down, I don’t run for cover, I’m a boss, top dog, no time for beginners, only winners. And the crowd goes ‘La la la la la la la laa’, I go faster. I’m gonna take you to the future”.

The campaign runs across TV, VOD, OOH, radio, dynamic digital audio, digital, social and PR.

“The all new Mokka and all-electric Mokka-e are ready to challenge the status quo with their ingenious tech and stand-out style. Their progressive designs not only represent a departure from the model’s previous look and feel, but also signify an exciting new direction for Vauxhall as a brand,” Paul Dean, Managing Director of Velocity, said in a press release, adding that “‘Unbox Yourself’ captures this new attitude by speaking directly to those drivers, who just like the all-new Mokka range, are confidently doing their own thing and are not constrained by convention or the past.”

“It’s assured, clear and empowering, and opens up the world of modern motoring for the ordinary British driver,” he also mentioned.

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