Esurance Surprisingly Painless Commercial – Dennis Quaid

Esurance Commercial - Dennis Quaid

Esurance has released a new ad starring Dennis Quaid, highlighting that the company is on a mission to make insurance “surprisingly painless”.

The 30-second spot features the 64-year-old actor, recently named Esurance’s new spokesman, telling viewers that this is a commercial about insurance. He goes from a TV ad to a viewer’s couch and then passes by a guy who’s seated at a table in a coffee shop and says he has no idea what he’s getting, referring to insurance. “Esurance knows it’s confusing. But that’s why they’re making it simple, so that even actors like us can understand it,” Quaid says, leaving his tablet to the actor at the table who doesn’t recognize he’s an actor.

“I’d love to tell you more, but I only have 30 seconds, so here’s a dramatic shot of their tagline so you’ll remember it,” Quaid says at the end of the commercial, which sees the tagline “esurance, surprinsingly painless” flashing across the screen. “When insurance is simple, it’s suprinsingly painless,” he adds as he walks off.

Dennis Quaid became the first on-camera spokesperson for Esurance, a company whose competitors tapped celebrities to pitch their products and services.

Esurance says it provides an easy-to-use online experience that makes it simple and fast to get a quote and understand coverage options, helpful tools and technology, such as photo claims, to make the customer experience simple and hassle-free, and affordable rates and discounts to save more, including the DriveSense mobile app, which allows users to track their driving habits and impact how much more they can save by continuing to drive safely.

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